• Housing:Black polyurethane coated onto a high tenacity polyamide webbing, and heat sealed to clear viewing windows.
  • Zip:1 x 68cm zip which conforms to the U.K. M.o.D. Interim Defence Standard 53-100/1.
  • Dimensions: L: 70cm H: 35cm W: 43cm
  • Weight: 6.5 kgs
  • Front Port: 6mm. Optical flat, coated with a non-stick polymer.
  • Leak Alarm: 9 volt tone generator max. output 95db.
  • Dump Valve: Poseidon one way, centre press button, exhaust valve.
  • Max Depth: NO MORE THAN 4 METRES.
  • Lens: All usual video lenses are accommodated.
  • Start/Stop: Accessible through fingerstall in side of housing.

Scubacam Splashbag

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