Lens Mount LDS PL mount or EF Mount
Sensor Size 30,7 x 15,8mm 1.94:1
Native ISO 800
Resolution / max frame rates 6K FF/100, 2K/300 
Max resolution 1.94:1 6K FF
Codec / Compression REDCODE® 2 - 22:1 / RAW
Media Type Red mini-mag SSD
Audio Input 2x 3.5mm minijack 4ch
Audio Output Headphone & Embedded HD-SDI
Viewfinder / monitor OLED EVF (option)
Internal wff reciever No
Internal ND No (motion mount)
Video output 1080p 3G HD-SDI
Dimensions 148 x 147 x 98mm
Weight 2 Kg
Power input Vlock / 6-pin Lemo / REDVOLT
Power consumption 11,5 to 17 V DC, 60W


Weight: 2,3g Lens & Mount-Options: PL mount, EF mount, Leica E mount Sensor: 19 MEGAPIXEL RED DRAGON Max Resolution: 6K (6144x3160) Max Framerate: 300fps (2K)

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